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Frequently Asked Questions & Documentations

Interactive Virtual Classroom System enables you to provide training in a live environment over the Internet to participants, employees and other geographically distributed audiences. Our Virtual Classroom can be accessed on different devices such as a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone. It can also be used on any network connection and optimised for use on the Internet. It requires low bandwidth.

The virtual classroom software can be used for all kinds of sessions – educational, collaborative, training-related, buisness purpose or promotional.

25 sessions can be run simultaniously without technological interference.

Yes, this software is device friendly, users can join and host from multiple devices— PCs, handhelds and mobile, cell phones, smart phones. Virtual Classroom Solution allows the integration of multiple devices in a session.

There is no such requirements for this software to be installed in your pc/laptop.

Yes, this Software allows to record the presentation, meetings, conferences, lectures, trainings and more with HD audio-video and data for later use, you can store the downloaded file on your PC in native file format or upload it to your company's website.

Participants can use the 'raise hand' feature to get the teacher's attention to ask questions similar to hand-raising in the physical classroom.

Yes, it has real-time collaboration with screen sharing, whiteboarding, annotation, file transfer, recording, etc. You can have the ability to stream content, video, whiteboard and annotations from your PC/Mobile devices onto displays wirelessly.

We offer 1 year warranty on our Virtual Classroom Software and 2 years for camera and chat-150

Yes, Bi-directional communication is possible with HD video-conferencing, Full-duplex Voice over IP, public and private chat and Different viewing modes

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