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Advantages of Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom is the most important and efficient way to reduce distance barrier in education and colloboration. Virtual classroom has many advantages over traditional classrooms for teaching and learning 24 X 7 from anywhere.

Virtual Classroom eliminates distance barrier completely, you don't need to travel for teaching and learning purpose, Virtual Classroom gives you freedom to teach and learn from anywhere and at anytime
Virtual classroom eliminates the limitation of time and location. Learners have the freedom to study, finish assignment, engage with other participants, absorb learning content, and take exams at anytime that fits best of their schedule.
Virtual Classroom is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) friendly. Students can join Virtual Classroom using any Internet enabled device such as PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet and so on.
You don't require higher bandwidth to access Virtual Classroom, it utilises your own Internet connection and adjust accordingly.
It allows business and education institute to create multimedia learning content using audio, video, images and text, which is comprehensively practical. All participants access the same learning material from different locations.
Another advantage of Virtual Classroom is that people find it interesting for sharpening thier digital skill. VC helps to increase knowledge and content retention of your subject and digital skill as well since you are learning the things online.
Instead of waiting for weeks to receive scores of conducted Test/Exam, this solution allows to have online progress reports. Which helps to increase students' academic performance and achievements.
Virtual classroom is beneficial from the affordability point of view. The cost required to set up a classroom at multiple locations is much more higher than Virtual Classroom comparatively.
It integrates interactive whiteboard and many annotation tools for topic explanation.
Allows instant messaging and hand-raise option. Provides secure streaming.


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