Virtual Classroom : Everything you need to know in 2 minutes

In the digital world, we often meet the word “Virtual” which is nothing but a replication of original thing to utilize the existing resources digitally. Virtual is very similar to the real one and the best way to reduce costs in many ways.  The power of this term can be inherited in today’s physical classroom to make it live online learning environment in order to utilize its infrastructure, faculty and other resources from remote locations.

Hence we can define the virtual classroom as “Online learning environment where students can interact with other participants, share presentations and documents, watch videos and engage with other learning resources regardless of their locations.”

There are many reasons, why should you go for Virtual Classroom? some of them are as follows :

Virtual Classroom delivers ideas, instructions and messages fast

Virtual classroom and webinars help you to reach a global audience within minutes. You can share your ideas and instructions with anyone across the world. It requires a fraction of time to turn around an e-learning environment.

Off course using Virtual Classroom, there is no any travelling cost, you don’t require travelling a long distance, no need to book expensive conference facility and no need to order junk food, just kidding.

The virtual classroom is an ideal solution to eliminate the distance barrier and to save your time and energy. You can connect with anyone at any time to deliver your message fast.

Live On-Demand and Learner-Centered Instructions: 

Virtual classroom provides the ability to schedule the on-demand courses and classes for learners’ convenience. Learning programs are flexible and can be rescheduled or extended as per demand. The virtual classroom offers a learner-centred approach to teaching where students are not merely a passive observer. They participate in the real-time technology-driven learning process at a deeper level.  All participants regardless of their locations interact with each other similar to a physical classroom.

Virtual Classroom Encourages Social Learning

Virtual Classroom provides technological tools, which you can use to create a collaborative learning environment. Virtual Classroom encourages social learning where each participant interacts with other participants of the different cultural environment. The participants who are introverts or shy can also participate in learning activities and share their valuable opinions or questions by typing in the chat box. Virtual classroom helps to divide the participants into small groups and allow them for group discussion; the instructor can offer guidance or interject. Activities in virtual classrooms offer the best opportunities for skill developments among participants.

Deeper engagement

Virtual Classroom offers all essential multimedia tools for the deeper and more engaging learning experience. Presentations, HD Videos, Documents, Digital Whiteboard, Text Messaging and other multimedia components help to better conceptual understanding and better participants engagements, which results in a higher academic outcome.


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