How to build virtual classrooms for a government training institution, university or a college – A ready reckoner in 5 easy steps

Virtual Classroom is a sine qua non in any modern training or education establishment for the simple reason that because of any unintended situation, traditional classroom training could come to a grinding halt. Take for instance the epidemic that currently ravages the world, from rural schools to the famed engineering colleges, from IIMs to district medical colleges, from NAAC rated public universities to deemed private universities, everyone is scurrying the market for a viable virtual classroom solution. And that, without much success. So here, allow us to give you a simple to follow ready reckoner:

STEP 1: Engage an industry expert or consultant which can assist you in designing a BoQ(Bill of Quantities or Bill of Material). Make no mistake – a Virtual Classroom System must be designed to your specific needs. The consultant must take into account the seating capacity and the dimensions of the classroom before preparing the BoQ.

STEP 2: Get a project report prepared that doubles up as a conceptual document which may be forwarded to the Competent Financial Authority(CFA). Since the institution cannot be expected to have in-house expertise of the technology available in the market, it becomes doubly important that the firm assists you in prepping that document.

STEP 3: Getting an online demonstration of the virtual classroom software is quite important to get a feel of the system. After all, at the end of the day, it is the client that must feel comfortable with the product. The online demonstration also serves as an important opportunity to learn about the various virtual classroom hardware available in the market.

STEP 4: Since the procurement in a public institution usually happens via GeM or tendering process, the firm engaged must have the capacity to assist your institution to procure the BoQ on GeM. This may look like routine clerical work, but in reality this is an expertizet that is in truly scarce supply in the market. In the absence of such assistance, the job of flawlessly procuring the BoQ on GeM would fall on the already overburdened shoulders of the institution. This in turn could lead to critical errors in procurement.

STEP 5: The importance of engaging one firm for the entire BoQ cannot be stressed enough. For instance, procuring a Virtual Classroom Camera from one firm, and the audio setup from another and the software from a third firm would not result in a comprehensive warranty for the entire virtual classroom system. And therefore getting a quick resolution of the functional problems faced while running the system becomes quite cumbersome.

In any case, the institution must realize that a high-tech system if not opted with sufficient deliberation might result in technical problems down the line. Therefore, to come back to the moot point, the industry must be closely aligned while designing such a system to truly enjoy the plethora of advantages a state-of-the-art virtual and smart classroom bestows upon its users.

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