Technology Virtual Classroom

What is Virtual Classroom?

The application of computers, Internet, cloud computing, social media and other emerging technologies has transformed the educational and training industry drastically in just last decade. Everyone is keen to learn new technology in this digital era. Internet has reduced the global distance and we can connect with anyone at anytime within seconds. Therefore by utilizing the power of Internet, we can learn and teach online from anywhere, and for this we have an innovative solution that is Virtual Classroom.

Virtual Classroom allows teaching from one classroom and students from other remote classrooms can join you using any Internet enabled device. All the setup provides the look and feel just like local traditional classroom. Student from any location can ask questions by just raising his hand. Teacher can deliver any multimedia file such as Video, PDF, Doc files to all the participants by just single click.

Virtual Classroom is software and hardware based solution optimized for any teaching and learning environment for face-to-face classroom activities and instructions. Teacher and students from across the globe participate in live online classrooms, interact with each other, share common whiteboard, hold group discussions and share multimedia files similar to physical classroom.  

Hence Virtual Classroom has major contribution in making education more accessible to everyone.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom:

  • Removal of geographical barriers (Learning from Anywhere)
  • Join the live classes using any internet enabled device such as Laptop, Smart Phones, iPhones, Tablets etc
  • Removal of time and traveling cost, access the live class at anytime from anywhere.
  • Record the lectures or presentation in HD formats for future reference
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Quicker to setup and organize
  • Secure streaming and easy-to-use
  • Instant messaging and file transfer


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